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Roofing Business Structure

There are six key components to running a roofing business


Organization is essential when trying to properly run a business


Numbers don’t lie. Our school starts and ends with numbers


Learn effective sales techniques from successful business owners


The most profitable businesses market extremely well. Yours should be no exception


Customer service is everything. Make sure your clients are taken care of


How to supplement insurance claims and get paid an extra 30% on all of your jobs

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Join the fastest growing network of roofing contractors


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Our lineup of highly renowned educators have a wealth of knowledge they would like to share with you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new business owner, aspiring salesman, or the proud owner of a profitable roofing company.

With the Roofing Business School, there is something for everyone.

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Dmitry Lipinskiy - Branding and Marketing Expert

Dmitry Lipinskiy

Branding and Marketing Expert
Elizabeth Calzadilla - Business Process Consultant

Elizabeth Calzadilla

Business Process Consultant
Ben Menchaca - Sales Guru

Ben Menchaca

Sales Guru


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Roofing Business Can’t Be Taught, but It Can Be Learned

Level up by taking charge of your education



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Get started

Online lessons and tutorials

  • Marketing
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Content from conferences, previous events, webinars

Behind-the-scenes YouTube videos

Contracts, forms, business documents from Dmitry's roofing business

Unlimited graphic design

Limited video editing

Custom legal forms (contracts and documents)

Weekly calls with Dmitry

Roofing Process ConferenceRoofing Process Conference tickets

25% off any ticket 40% off any ticket

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